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Okay, maybe you all have experienced about the printer that can not pull the paper and on the screen there is the inscription Paper out or not loaded Correctly out or not loaded Correctly

” and you may often Googling and searching for the problem, and may you all have a lot to read his article, and now I review back to friends who do not understand, as shown below.


I write this article because there are friends who happened yesterday complained that the Printer Paper¬† is damaged and said the damage could not be withdrawn, kept me wondering how many years the life of the printer? its been 3 years … !! …….. owh clear old age !!!


and the reason why I want to share the experience, it is often are conducive in some Epson printers such as the T13, L100 and the other because the two printers is what I’ve handled and the case was the same ….


Why None Attractive Paper?

it happened because of the age factor printer is old and well worn continuously that lead to all parts inside the printer it becomes thirsty, and cases like this does not have to first be brought to a handyman service first ask for your closest friends, or try searching on “Paper out or not loaded Correctly” many once a case on the printer, and we must have the courage to try to brain-tweaking themselves and dismantle themselves.


First :

unloading once the casing, behind the casing there are two bolts only that opened then dislodged slowly casing there are only a few locks alone and slowly to open it can use a screwdriver min and the result is this part that later we take and improved, as shown below:


In the red circle that I mark that is what we are unloading, this is part of the paper drawer for the type Epson T13 series.

Second :
After we separated parts of the results are as shown below


In the picture above I marked in red appears once that happens the wear on the shaft pull the paper, and looked loose, and this is where the required accuracy us to solve a problem, the shaft loose it we can replace with sperpat new, but because the place I this is far from a town or place selling sperpat printer so I took the initiative to block the plate with the zinc thin and adjusted by loosening, or can also find zinc round or else live on our own that can work around, but this time I use a plate zinc easy to find, and the results are as shown below:


See the picture above I marked red circle, it is my prop use plas zinc, after which we put back and the results can be tested for sure the printer back can pull the paper, watch the roller Rubber his paper also when looked to have refined you can turn it over so that the time pull the paper can be smoothly.


And note also that all electronic equipment that is old will definitely only  once there is a problem of damage, therefore we must take care so that durable and lasting, as we clean of dust, every how many months we dismantle give lubricant so smooth performance, electronic equipment it can be compared as ourselves that is old already reduced performance and strength, and we must always maintain the health of our bodies are getting older advancing age, as well as other electronic equipment need be maintained his health as well.

Hopefully I can be useful information for you all and tips to keep the equipment should not be forgotten as well. I say thank you for visiting this blog. Also read Canon Printer iP2770 Paper Jump (3x Blinking)


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